A creative space where God moves.


Imagine Art is a Christian ministry, a 501c3 nonprofit, established in 1996. We operate a creative space where 65+ artists are engaged in our community, accessing 9,500 square feet of studios and galleries.  We offer specialized supports tailored to empower artists with disabilities to create art.  Non-disabled players engage as working artists in our studios to create a diverse, inclusive space where all artists thrive.  

Our Story

People ask us “Why is Imagine Art a ministry?” Our story has been an amazing journey of grace and restoration and we believe that we are called and positioned to minister to a specific people group; artists, namely those living with disabilities. 

Disability is woven through our Founder’s history. Between 1989 and 1997, Debbie Kizer worked in the disability community serving as a consultant in the areas of developmental disability, employment and systems change. In 1995, Debbie Kizer was diagnosed with a mental illness and it changed the course of her life.  Her recovery and spiritual journey were woven, as parallel paths, with this grassroots organization as they both grew and changed.  In 2001, it was clear to the Founder that Jesus Christ was the cornerstone of Imagine Art and that the organization chose a foundation of faith to make a difference in the lives of the artists they served.

Multiple other agencies serve artists with disabilities in Austin, including VSA Arts of TexasThe ARC of the Arts and Harmony Arts Center.  There are over 175,000 citizens with disabilities living in Austin.  Among them are hundreds of ‘artists’ living with disabilities.  We serve a distinct group of those artists; those who are in need of authentic community and seeking restoration and transformation. We serve artists ready to engage in community and tackle life's challenges.  Together we are becoming who we were created to be. Imagine Art is not an evangelical organization nor is it affiliated with any denomination.  We serve artists from every walk of life; including artists that practice other faiths or do not have a belief system. 


In 2014 we opened our community to both artists with and without disabilities to demonstrate an inclusive space where all artists thrive.  Artists with disabilities access our studio, complete with free professional art supplies and support from an Artistic Director and Volunteer Mentors.  Non-disabled artists join us to work in the studios to keep our space balanced and inclusive.  These "resident artists" help to diversity our space and they are given the opportunity to grow and transform alongside us.  While we do not provide direct services to non-disabled artists, they benefit from the abundance of resources in our community.  Non-disabled artists can engage as studio renters, gallery guests, volunteers or residents that barter in exchange for free space.  

Our daily life consists of artists coming and going, making art, gardening, eating meals together, and exhibiting our community’s talents on the gallery walls.  We occasionally have workshops, camps, classes, Bible studies or other special events.  These opportunities come and go as artists are inspired to teach or learn.  More than 65 artists are accessing our space each week.  Imagine Art provides a free lunch five days a week and a dinner once a week, serving more than 450 plates a month.  

It is hard to fully describe who we are and what we do.  We suggest you visit and experience it for yourself.  We are located at 2830 Real Street, Austin 78722.  

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