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About Us

Imagine Art is a Christian ministry, a 501c3 nonprofit, established in 1996. We operate a creative space, located at 2830 Real Street in Austin, Texas  (78722).  More than 65 artists engage in our space weekly, accessing 10,000 square feet of studios and galleries.  We offer specialized supports tailored to empower artists with disabilities to create art.  Non-disabled players engage as working artists in our studios to create a diverse, inclusive space where all artists thrive.  

About Us



The Woods, photograph by Mark Lit

Treasures of Darkness. 

Experience the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp through the eyes of photographer Mark Lit. Digitally enhanced photos printed on metallic paper.

Art Opening Thursday, April 26th 6-8 pm

Special Gallery Event:  

Thursday, April 19th 6:30P                                  Austin Music Chamber's Moveable Feast:              THE QUARTET OF THE END OF TIME.            French composer Olivier Messiaen composed the piece in 1941 as a prisoner of war in German captivity.  The chamber presents the works with: Sonja Larson on violin, Nick Councilor on clarinet, Nora Karakousoglou on cello and Michelle Schuman on piano.


 Daniel Davis at work in the studio

Daniel Davis at work in the studio

 We invite artists with and without disabilities to engage in the art-making process of our community.  

We need volunteers (artists and non-artists) to help us with the daily operations and programs.


Donors and Arts Patrons make it all possible and provide the critical support we need to succeed.