The future of Imagine Art is a live-make campus community where artists with and without disabilities will live, create, play and pray together.  Imagine a multi-acre community that offers a variety of affordable housing options.  Imagine tiny houses mixed with community housing and family houses.  Imagine temporary housing for artists in residents or travelers wanting to experiencing daily life in the community.  Imagine gardens being harvested and meals being served.  Imagine studio spaces, big and small, inviting artists to create pottery, painting and glass or woodwork.  Imagine gallery spaces sprinkled throughout the community; formal and informal, bringing beauty to reading nooks and garden paths.  Imagine artists with disabilities thriving and leading the way to demonstrate inclusion.  Imagine non-disabled artists finding purpose and gainful employment serving alongside residents with disabilities.  READ MORE


Imagine Art is exploring opportunity to impact statewide systems that serve people with disabilities. After 23 years of operations Imagine Art has inadvertently established a new approach to the delivery of services for people with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD). People with IDD are often served in settings that are segregated or modified for special programming. People without disabilities rarely access these same spaces or services (except as paid staff or volunteers) because the services are not designed to include a non-disabled peer. Imagine Art is using a creative placemaking model to establish a new approach to the delivery of services by creating integrated services (art studio, housing, etc.) that focuses on excellence that attracts non-disabled peers to participate as equals.  READ MORE