The future of Imagine Art is a live-make campus community where artists with and without disabilities will live, create, play and pray together.  Imagine a multi-acre community that offers a variety of affordable housing options.  Imagine tiny houses mixed with community housing and family houses.  Imagine temporary housing for artists in residents or travelers wanting to experiencing daily life in the community.  Imagine gardens being harvested and meals being served.  Imagine studio spaces, big and small, inviting artists to create pottery, painting and glass or woodwork.  Imagine gallery spaces sprinkled throughout the community; formal and informal, bringing beauty to reading nooks and garden paths.  Imagine artists with disabilities thriving and leading the way to demonstrate inclusion.  Imagine non-disabled artists finding purpose and gainful employment serving alongside residents with disabilities.  READ MORE


Texas manages 13 State Supported Living Centers. The SSLCs are long-term care facilities where  residents with intellectual developmental disabilities are served through institutional care.  The Austin State Supported Living Center has operated in the core of our city since 1915.   There are 189 residents currently living in the facility.  The people living inside this facility have been hidden, like a treasure.  Austin's 30 year plan failed to recognize their existence as citizens that contribute to the fabric of our landscape.  READ MORE