sponsored projects

Imagine Art sponsors artists to undertake projects that include one time workshops, exhibits, ongoing service events or non-profit start ups. Sponsorship includes support, consultation and mentoring to ensure that projects are successful. Imagine Art is sponsoring the following projects in 2018-19.



Find and keep our voice through lyric, melody and rhythm; and share our story through performance. Artist, Teel Montague, creates a safe space to explore storytelling through songwriting. Creative self-expression brings to light each individual story, revealing personal strengths that lead to greater self and community awareness, bringing healing to both individual and community. This project brings singer-songwriting techniques to all populations, opening new doors for creative expression and performance. To find out more, or to schedule a workshop, semi-private or private session, please email teel@imagineart.net.




SacRED Offerings: BLACKbox Bandita brings dance-based video installation and live pop-up performance, to an array of community throughout Austin, TX, intersecting art enthusiasts, everyday people, and cultural collaborators of our arts-centric and expanding city. BLACKBOX Bandita brings dance-based video installation and live performance to an array of community throughout Austin, TX and beyond. A traveling, portable large-scale blackbox will feature dance-based videos recorded over time, in a variety of spaces, (construction corridors/sites, highways/traintracks/churches/horsestables), known as BANDITA DANCES. They are typically quick, in and out scenarios and have an outlaw/bandita mystique as it could be considered an act of trespass.

Image Credit: GRIFFGLASS

Image Credit: GRIFFGLASS


GriffGlass exposes individuals who would not normally be able to experience glass art by teaching them the fundamentals needed to create artistic creations out of glass. The goal is to inspire individuals both with and without disabilities, who may not be otherwise have access to this medium, to create glass pieces that could be included in an exhibit of their work. Currently Griffith is working as a life coach with adults and children who have intellectual and developmental disabilities and feels that mixing his passion of glassblowing with his knowledge and skills for working with this unique population can create an environment where all artists can succeed. Additionally the project's mission is to allow artists to express their creativity within the glass working community as well as Austin's unique artistic scene. GriffGlass will offer a series of demonstrations (8), small group workshops (6) and (52) 1:1 weekly open studio mentoring/demonstration sessions available to the general public. Demonstrations (Fall 2018) focus on EAST, SXSW and Imagine Art's Open Sky/Open Mic events. Ongoing demos identify and recruit artists to engage in glass workshops.


Storybook Studio

Storybook Studio's mission is for writing, bookmaking and publishing to be an accessible art for people of all ages who want to explore creative expression through the publication of Zines. Storybook Studio works with children in the downtown area to establish a Zine Shelf inside the children's section of the New Central Library in downtown Austin. The project engages children to explore writing, illustration, handmade and digital book making for small print publication. These little books will establish the city's first children's zine collection. Hands on workshops prepare Pease Elementary students to launch, sponsor and sustain the shelf. The project leaves a legacy of a permanant Children's Zine Shelf and a creative craft cart that invites children to continue production. This project leverages the determination and belief that every child is an author, an artist and an illustrator and it sets the stage for children to experience and celebrate the process of producing and publishing a little book.

Image Credit: EVAN HORN

Image Credit: EVAN HORN

artisan ceramic tableware

Ceramicist Evan Horn produces his design line TEXAGONS in our clay studio and teaches seasonal ceramic workshops. As a self-employed, working-artist, Evan creates functional tableware for local restaurants, art objects for retail stores and fine art sculpture. His present body of work explores an architectural rendering of vessels for Ikebana- the art of Japanese flower arranging. For more information visit his website www.evanhorn.com


Rachel Cohen Studio

Rachel Cohen is a multidisciplinary visual and performing arts instructor who specializes in working one on one and with groups of adult artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Previously Cohen worked as Lead Art Instructor at a local nonprofit serving the IDD community, and taught two mixed ability continuing education courses for Austin Community College in Film and Digital Photography for adults with and without disabilities. Currently Cohen engages in freelance art education and care-taking. While teaching in Austin, she discovered many artists, especially those living with disabilities do not receive exposure to new art mediums or have access to the space, materials, and training required to achieve satisfying art making experiences. The mission of this project is to create open studio and classroom environments, friendly to the IDD population, that encourage the fostering of untapped artistic skill within the city of Austin and focuses on exposing all artists in Austin to artistic experiences that keep them engaged within the art and humanitarian communities. Integration of artists with disabilities into art spaces once exclusively for those without disabilities, and vice verse, with a goal to build mentorships and creative partnerships. This project extends the Imagine Art mission by creating 8 focused lessons spanning multiple art mediums, guided by fine arts educators.

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Reading Through the Hands

'Reading Through the Hands' makes stories come alive by showing participants different ways to enjoy reading, and provides a customized storytelling hour and tailored activities to promote interest in literacy. It also introduces a new culture and language through the use of theatrical activities, performances and family-centered activities. Based on past successes, ABCASL will continue its storytelling hour at area libraries and coffeehouses once a month for 12 months (October 2018 through September 2019). Deaf storyteller Theron Parker, along with Mindy Moore and special guests, will narrate a pre-selected book in American Sign Language (ASL), accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation. After the hour-long performance, the participants, both children and adults, will work in groups, led by the featured performer, to create ASL poetry from scratch. This will provide all the participants with a unique cross-cultural experience to meet each other, play with language, create poetry, and learn.


Art For Nature

The mission of ‘Art for Nature’ is to serve children of deaf adults (CODA), deaf children and their families to expose them to various art forms through outdoor activities and to be inspired by nature. Mentors from the deaf community will teach students that they can do anything and be inspired by nature to perform and tell their own stories. These programs will help students to express themselves and develop their own artistic talents through poetry, visual art, dance, music, performance, storytelling and exercise. Through monthly arts events for deaf children, CODA children and their families will incorporate outdoor activities and various art forms. In April of 2019 there will be a culminating event celebrating the deaf communities and their families that will highlight activities and performances created by the participants in the previous monthly events. The monthly events will be held October 6, 2018 at 1 to 4 p.m. at Imagine Art with famous deaf artist Tony McGregor and will include painting, writing, and poetry.

Image Credit: PAPEL TEXANO

Image Credit: PAPEL TEXANO

Papel Texano

Papel Texano, handmade paper arts collaborative and non-profit workshop studio in Austin was launched in 2016 by Yama Ploskonka. An open studio offering tools and materials to the general public who desire to make paper by hand. Yama’s work in the field has connected with local, national and international organizations and individual paper makers and artists, with a focus on the cultural and social influences that the making of paper by hand continues to have. Following preparation with communities starting in October 2018, workshops will take place at City of Austin libraries, Austin Book Arts Center and Papel Texano beginning in January and February 2019, with an interactive exhibit at Imagine Art in March. Invited artists and artisans, historians, and representative members of ethnic-cultural groups share their own connection to paper in transforming, open settings, where insights and collaborative creation relating to this building block of civilization is sought. An instructor will facilitate an interactive paper making hands-on activity specific to the event besides the presentation. When possible, media from each event will be released as Creative Commons.


Stills from Films

Stills from Films is a new concept under the Life Drawing Club. Cecilia Yakin, the director of the program will project and screen short films for the group. After the screening Cecilia will show pre-selected frames from the film. Each scene will be projected for differing amounts of times; For example, a scene could be shown for 3 minutes with the longest scene times lasting up to 15 minutes. During these times artists will draw or sketch the scene that is being projected. Each scene is timed and after the finishing of one scene, we continue to the next scene and so on. After the last scene is drawn, everyone picks their favorite works from the day and places them on the floor to share and compare with the rest of the group. These sessions are fun, respectful, and community-based events with the aim to bring creative communities closer together, to share the knowledge of different mediums of art, and to share creative experiences together.