Imagine Art is extremely grateful to have the following partners and supporters who make the vision and mission of our organization possible. Thank you!



AmeriCorps Planning Grant

The OneStar Foundation provided a AmeriCorps Planning Grant to support a 12-month planning period that will prepare the organization to compete for an AmeriCorps program in the upcoming grant cycle (spring of 2019). This planning grant aims to bring the AmeriCorps program to Imagine Art for the first time by preparing the organization to administer a future AmeriCorps state program. The planning grant will support the development of internal controls, hiring and training new staff, re-focusing and training existing staff, developing AmeriCorps specific policies and procedures, training in the areas of AmeriCorps Member recruitment, enrollment, data collection systems, member supervision and cost reimbursement and grant management.   To engage as a partner or to inquire about AmeriCorps Member recruitment in June of 2019, please contact the Program Director, Rick Hernandez at


AmeriCorps Vistas

The OneStar Foundation has provided Imagine Art with 2 VISTA Volunteers for 2018-19, both serving for 12 months. VISTA Volunteers are tasked with assisting Imagine Art increase capacity to operate at the highest level possible and increase the number of people it serves. The first VISTA will focus on Program Analysis by observing, evaluating, and making recommendations on how current Imagine Art programs can become more efficient and integrated. This position also contributes to the organization's long-term vision for a live+make campus by incorporating information and data gathered to establish Imagine Art as demonstration site for innovative and progressive day habilitation and supported employment services. The second VISTA will focus on assisting Imagine Art's Long-term Care Waiver Program by developing policies and procedures for it’s Home and Community-Based Services (HCS) and Texas Home Living (TxHmLv) Medicaid waiver programs. This VISTA will continue efforts made by last year’s VISTAs who lead the initial design and establishment of innovative policies and procedures that launched the long-term care waiver program.


Texas council on developmental disability

Texas Council on Developmental Disabilities provided a 4-year grant award to Imagine Art to develop a statewide certification program that will train and certify people with intellectual developmental disabilities as Peer Support Specialists.  The program is arts-based and delivered through a 9-month course. Contact the Program Director, Teel Montague at if you are interested in engaging as a partner, a peer in development, a life coach or a volunteer.  


city of austin economic Development

The City of Austin, Economic Development Department provide Cultural Arts funding through the HOT (Hotel Occupancy Tax) funds that empower Imagine Art to operate the free, public art studio that serves 65 artists with and without disabilities to access public art space, professional materials and support from artistic directors.  Funding for 2018-19 also included support for marketing and public relations. In addition, the city granted monies towards individual sponsored projects, of which 90% is spent on direct programming such as music and art workshops, performances and exhibitions.


national endowment for the arts

The National Endowment for the Arts partnered with the city of Austin Economic Development Department to award a Our Town grant to Imagine Art for the purpose of creative placemaking and development of the Tillery Street vision.  The NEA grant deploys a team of 4 artists into the Govalle neighborhood for outreach and awareness that culminates to a public Charrette that completes the final design process for the 5-acre Live+Make project situated in the Govalle neighborhood.

Texas Commission on the Arts

Texas Commission on the Arts provides funding to support the ceramics department in the purchase of clay, tools and glazes that empower the community to produce works for the gallery.  Annually, Imagine Art hosts the Souper Bowl event in partnership with local churches, including Hope Chapel and Saint Richards Episcopal.  Handmade bowls are filled with homemade soups as the community gathers to promote the services of Imagine Art and deepen partnership with the local church.  Learn more by visiting our studio departments page.  

Shepherd of the Hills Christian Church

Shepherd of the Hills Christian Church provides financial support that enables the community to enjoy times of retreat. For over ten years, SHCC has partnered with the RVM BGM Fund to provide retreat funds that covered the cost of a 4-day retreat based in Gonzales, Texas.  In 2019, Imagine Art and SHCC are shifting its focus to provide small, more regular retreat opportunities for leaders of the Imagine Art community to find rest, renewal and opportunity for spiritual growth.  

Austin Travis County Integral Care

Austin Travis County Integral Care has partnered with Imagine Art since 2008 to provide critical funds to families in need of respite care.  ATCIC's intellectual developmental disability department provides contracts linked to individual consumers who attend the studio while receiving care from a qualified supervisor.  In addition, ATCIC serves Imagine Art as the local Mental Health Authority (LIDDA) to oversee long-term care contracts that funded by Health and Human Services Commission.  Learn more by visiting our studio page.  


Texas Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services commissions contracts with Imagine Art as a statewide provider of Medicaid Long-Term Care Services and Supports.  Through licensing by HHCS, Imagine Art manages 2 long-term care waivers, the Texas Home Living Wavier and the Home and Community Based Support Waiver.  Individuals who are eligible for waiver services can place their waivers with Imagine Art and in turn the organization manages their care, including residential supports, nursing, attendant care and specialized care such as behavioral support or occupational therapy.  Learn more by visiting our waiver page

Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation

The Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation is Imagine Art's primary partner in the development of the Tillery Street project.  GNDC has over 45 years of experience in developing affordable housing in East Austin and serves the project as the developer who will manage the design, the funding and the build of the 5-acre campus.  GNCD partners with Tom Hatch as the lead architect of Ulland+Hatch+Owen, to oversee and the final campus design and manage the site plans.  Learn more by visiting our Live+Make page.