Imagine Art is delighted to announce our NEW contract with Health and Human Services to provide waiver services TWO long-term care waivers in Texas: The Home and Community Based Waiver (April 2017) and the Texas Home Living Waiver (Oct 2017).  

Waiver Services ~ Development & Design

Imagine Art currently provides HCS Waiver Services.  We offer services such as

  • Personal Assistance and Habilitation Support (care & training in home)
  • Transportation, Escort & transportation training
  • Day Habilitation (creative space / work center)
  • Respite Care 
  • Nursing, OT, PT & Speech 
  • Dental
  • Behavioral Assessment and Therapy 
  • Psychological Counseling (individual & group)
  • Group Home:  we have a waiting list for group homes (Eff 4/2017)

Interview us!

Call and explore if our HCS Waiver services are right for you.  We welcome you to meet our staff, take a tour or our facility and sit with our Director to explore our service meeting your needs.  Call today.  Debbie @ 512-554-2406 or email.

Just the beginning.......

Our 20 year history is a foundation, a launching off place for what the community is growing up to be! Every person in our community plays a role in forming who we are becoming as a community.  The organic nature of how we are evolving is beautiful because it considers each one (each artist, staff, volunteer, donor and visitor).  

We look forward to meeting YOU!