ROAD TRIP sets off to capture and celebrate three different artists from our Imagine Art community, Larin Harp, Daniel Davis, and Richmond Freeman. Charismatic cars and trucks in clay by prolific artist Larin Harp set the pace for adventure, calling us to throw caution to the wind, and hit the open road. We travel from the congestion of urban dwelling and tall buildings in Daniel Davis’ sophisticated city scapes into breathable vistas of nature – think: babbling brooks, cypress trees, open prairies, and hill country havens, offering pause, reflection, and respite. And what road trip wouldn’t be complete with a photo or two to document the sweet expanse of a sunset or a moment in time, and in ourselves, where all seemed right, possibility abounding? Luckily Richmond Freeman provides us with cameras of clay to click that magic moment, a tangible token of our freedom combined with the spirit of the open road.

We hope you enjoy this exhibit and take your own trip ... whether down the highway or simply within yourself.

Lacey Richter


Open roads, fresh crisp air and possibility kissing your senses. Sight. Smell. Air. Light. The windows down and the music begins. The road is ever before you, its distance calling you forward, moment by moment, again and again. What is beyond and out of reach comes to meet you, and what is not yet seen or discovered becomes tangibly grasped through the senses. Absorbing it all in, it takes your breath away. Sight. Smell. Air. Light. The energy of the space you’ve entered consumes the tired soul and having become aware of it’s offering presence, compacts you with itself into one close, cherishable and simple moment of time. Tick. Tick. Sight. Smell. Air. Light. Within the embrace of beauty and awe, it catches you, inviting you to catch it too. Wishing to never forget, to remember always a memory immortal. Taking you far off and away. Away onto these open roads. These moments change our sense of being; we walk away transformed — grown in heart, soul and mind. We are suddenly launched and soaring; we will never be the same.
— Kati Hammond



Bringing singer-song writers together to explore spontaneous worship.   Drop in ~ stay and play!  

Calling all creatives to come and join in the fun!  Audience welcome. 

Bring your instruments & your song to sing!!!   Contact Kody if you are a musician interested in engaging in our music events.  

 Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

bat kol ~ Prophetic Art-Making....

bat kol invites Christian artists to gather weekly ,in the presence of God, to Hear + See + Make.  Many artists see pictures when they read, hear music, pray or move about in life.  This group encourages artists to develop skills in 'see-ing' and 'hearing'.  Together we explore techniques to move and make.   

Wednesdays (on the inside) between 6-9 PM.  Bring your own supplies (art making materials, writing journal, instruments). Bring a snack or dinner if desired. The group first gathers in the prayer AT 6PM for an informal time to explore visual prayer methods.  

 Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov


Every 2nd Saturday, our community gathers in partnership with Luke 4:18 Ministries to enjoy breakfast followed by a time of personal prayer ministry.  Over 50 volunteers join us from various Austin churches.  Guests from the community are welcome to come and eat breakfast at 10 am and stay for the Healing Room that opens at 12 PM.  Enjoy 3 hours of continual worship and receive personal prayer from a team of experienced prayers!