imagine art americorps Program

artist in residence

detailed position description

Position Summary:

Imagine Art is recruiting 10 individuals to serve as Full Time AmeriCorps Members in the Imagine Art AmeriCorps Program. The Members will serve as Artist in Residence and will provide direct educational and support services to artists with disabilities. AmeriCorps Members will provide art instruction and mentorship to support artists with disabilities’ development toward professional engagement in the arts. It is our belief that this intervention will result in equalizing the playing field in order that artists with disabilities have the same opportunity for professional success and upward mobility as artist peers without disabilities who access the Imagine Art studios. 

Essential Functions of the Position:

•      Provide skill building activities in the production of works of art in two- and three-dimensional arts and crafts disciplines.

•      Consult in the development of professional arts-related products.

•      1:1 training and support that promotes peer to peer training by Imagine Art artists.

•      Facilitation of media specific art producing spaces.

•      Secure donations of supplies or equipment to provide assistance to artists.

•      Teach small group classes in various artistic disciplines for artists with disabilities.

•      Facilitate individual and group critiques.

•      Facilitate and support workshops, lectures, professional demonstrations and table topic conversations for Imagine Art and the general public.

•      Provide guidance in the development of individual artistic plans to produce a cohesive body of work.

•      Facilitation of portfolio development for Imagine Art artists.

•      Assistance in the preparation of work for public presentation.

•      Documentation of work and creation of didactic materials.

•      Assistance in the development and maintenance of website content and social media.

•      Provide support in the design and implementation of Imagine Art exhibitions and events.

•      Write grants to support program activities.

•      Secure sponsorships and exhibition opportunities for Imagine Art artists outside of Imagine Art.

Marginal Functions of the Position:


•      Conduct outreach and recruitment of artists without disabilities to volunteer, mentor or engage as artists-in-residence.  

•      Facilitate field trips and transportation to local museums, art-based events, related public meetings, festivals or artist gatherings.

Principal Working Relationships:

The Artists in Residence will be supervised by the Program Director.  Additionally, the Artists in Residence will have an ongoing working relationship with Imagine Art Studio Directors in the development, design and implementation of the program.

Eligibility Requirements:

•      High School Graduate/GED recipient (17 Years or older)

•      U.S. Citizen, U.S. National or Lawful Permanent Resident (deferred action does not suffice)

•      Able to pass a criminal background check

•      Working knowledge in one or more artistic disciplines and the ability to impart that knowledge to others

•      A commitment to making a difference for artists with disabilities

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


Imagine Art is recruiting Artists-In-Residence with a strong background in design, drawing painting, ceramics, textiles and mosaic and skilled in the development of portfolios, social media and website content.  It is of utmost important that the Artist in Residence have the ability to transmit their knowledge to artists with disabilities.  

Academic Training and Experience:

Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA); Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) or Social Work Education (CSWE); Bachelor's in Public Health (BPH); Persons with a proven track record as a professional practicing artist or craftsman (non-degree); Arts Educator in a non-profit, public or private school setting; Extensive experience in photography, web development, social media, marketing and branding.

Service Conditions:

Imagine Art operates a 9,500 square foot facility.  Artists in Residence will be assigned to designated discipline-based studio spaces. Members will also have the opportunity to utilize the larger open gallery spaces and exterior garden to conduct program activities as necessary. With the exception of field trips, all activities will be conducted at the Imagine Art Facility.

Special Conditions of Service, Physical, Emotional and Intellectual Demands:


Imagine Art serves people with physical, mental and Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities (I/DD).  Members will have recurring access to vulnerable populations. Patience and the ability to quickly find an alternative method of communicating a concept or teaching a skill is required. While it is not the role of Members to directly de-escalate an incident or mental health crisis, Members should have the ability to maintain the status quo within the classroom, and assist in the de-escalation. 


The Artist in Residence will have access to standard discipline-based equipment and tools for painting, drawing, ceramics, textiles and the production of glass mosaics. Imagine Art provides supplies to artist clients.  Artists in Residence will assist in the maintenance and inventory of the equipment and supplies for the area to which they are assigned.

 Access to computers will also be made available to members for research, communication, and reporting.


Term of Service: 11 Months (September 3, 2019 through July 31, 2020)

Time Requirements:

AmeriCorps Artist in Residence are required to provide 1,700 hours of service over an 11 month period. This program’s hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Periodic special events are held on weekends. Program related service during these events will be counted toward a Member’s service hours in accordance with CNCS regulations.

Orientation and Training:

AmeriCorps Artists in Residence will receive extensive, on-going training in the Imagine Art curriculum structure, training techniques and studio protocols.  An orientation of Imagine Art Policies and Procedures will also be provided.  Given the unique nature of Imagine Art artists, training will be provided in client safety and crisis mediation.


Members will serve 1,700 hours of service (40hrs/wk) from September 3, 2019 - July 31, 2020.  Members earn a living allowance in the amount of $13,992.00, have the option of free health insurance. Upon successful completion of service, members are eligible for an educational award of $6,095 that can be utilized at Title IV colleges and universities or to repay qualifying student loans.  You can learn more at:

Evaluation and Reporting:

Mid-year and final performance reviews; daily class check-in; weekly reports to supervisor; quarterly debrief summits with Members and program leadership. 

Other Items:

Imagine Art will provide Members with AmeriCorps T-shirts, Polo shirts and lanyards. Members must wear the AmeriCorps logo at all times while in service.

How to Apply:

To be considered for the position please click on the Imagine Art AmeriCorps Application Form button below and submit your completed online application and two letters of recommendation.  Applicants are also required to send a resume, artist statement and up to 20 high resolution images of their work in .png or .jpg format.