Nicole Cortichiato

Hey. Wanna dance?  Oh you didn’t’ know you could dance just by reading my profile?  Well, you’re in for a treat then.  You and I are disco dancing at this very moment.  Your eyes are dancing too, right into my books, because they like to boogie down too, so give them a spin, will you? 

The two books I’ve published are:

The Independent Hand


What Kind of Bunny Ears Do You Have? 

Have a whirl with them and tell me what you think.  I’m looking for help in printing both of these books so I can donate them to the school libraries.  If you know of anyone interested in helping me accomplish this goal, please contact me at or Debbie Kizer at

In the meantime, I take writing classes and volunteer once a week at Pease Elmentary for their Kindergarten class.  I read to them and help them write stories.

I am also writing and directing my 2nd play for the Imagine Art -Artist Retreat.

I do art

I am art.

Happy Living!

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