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Imagine Art, in partnership with the Robert V. and Benjamin G. Miller Fund, has developed a four day retreat that deepens relationships, reduces isolation and creates a safe, healthy and creative get away for artists within the Imagine Art community. This retreat offers a transforming experience for the artists while offering rest and renewal for those who care for them. You can find out more about the Robert V. and Benjamin G. Miller fund at

2014 Retreat

The Imagine Art community is heading back to Gonzales, Texas for our 5th Annual Art and Spirit Retreat, held at the Disciple Oaks Retreat Center.  We expect 50 artists to join us this year!  Our dates are March 27-30th, 2014. We will be teaching about the manifest presence of Jesus Christ IN us and how our bodies are the temple of the Lord and a place where He dwells and rests.  Together we will adventure in search of our interior ARK of the Covenant and find our way into the Holy of Holies to seek His face.
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2013 Retreat

Imagine Art went to Gonzales, Texas and experienced our 4th annual Art and Spirit Retreat on April 4th – 7th, 2013. Forty-five people attended. This years’ theme focused on our stories re-written for the glory of God. Over four days, our community explored art as a vehicle for restoration. We considered our personal stories and how God desires to re-write our stories for His glory. We used art as an entry point. Through visual journaling, storytelling, sewing story quilts, writing songs, screenplays and dancing, our community learned that art is a powerful vehicle to re-experience and tell our stories. Art and Spirit is our annual retreat in Gonzales, Texas. A special thanks to the RVM BGM Fund for providing the grant that made it possible. Thanks also to the Disciple Oaks Retreat Center for the beautiful accommodations.

We were also blessed to have Music Doing Good, Inc., a nonprofit arts organization based in Houston, visit during the retreat and lead our artists in a songwriting session. Music Doing Good’s mission is to inspire and transform lives through innovative, music-based programming. Thank you, Tricia Fox, Aaron Kaufman and Ray Younkin, for enriching our retreat with your love, creativity, and joy. Our artists wrote and recorded the following song in one afternoon!



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